Hair Weaving

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Brittini 1 jpegHmm…1983!!! Wow!!! It’s been over 30 years and my, my, my…haven’t we changed! When I started in the Business World of Hair, if I wanted to “weave” hair (in today’s lingo – A “sew in”), it was a process indeed! Hair was not as accessible as it is today. We would have to order the hair from places like Chicago, IL or California complete with matching your hair color and texture. Then we would have to wait for it to come through UPS, sign for it, check your box, and let the process begin. Whew!!! Now, imagine that today in a microwave, we want it “right now” society!!! We now have hair right at our finger tips. I’ve even heard of hair in grocery stores. REALLY??? The Color, the Texture, and the Styles that I see are phenomenal, but what separates the amateur from the professional is like a well-made tailor-made suit! It is not only what’s on top, but, also, what is underneath. Hair should be cared for, not overlooked as in “sweeping trash under a rug”. Remember INTEGRITY is what we do when no one else is watching. Do a great work as unto the Lord!!! GKIR

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  1. “Hairs” is something which everyone loves and cares about. Hair Weaving, was popular in the early days and even today. But as we see today, there are a lot of trends and varieties available to choose from, making a person look more stylish. But, this also results neglecting our natural hair. Care should be taken of our natural hair as well and should not be overlooked.

    1. I agree! Many young women don’t realize (until it’s almost irreversible) the damage they can experience when not done by a professional! Even if there is a professional “dressing” the mane, proceed with caution and know your limits!

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