Naturally, Chemically Treated, Weave or Wig

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Natural Hair, what is the fuss all about! Comedian Chris Rock ruffled a lot of feathers in the Beauty Industry and many salon owners, stylists wanted to blame Mr. Rock for their “lack of business” or should I say “dry season!” With over thirty years in the business I have seen many trends and fads in the World of Hair and Fashion come and go! In my opinion, the documentary film inspired a new generation of clients that would embrace the bold decision of going natural, be it no relaxer or no hair weave or extensions! Natural hair is not a cure all for the client who wants to go to bed, wake up, get dressed and go! It takes effort and great products (of your choice) – one that is formulated or cocktailed to your specific need. It is work involved, however, you can do it! Whatever you decide, whether natural, chemically treated, hair extensions or wig please keep it clean. Comb your hair, look in the mirror and pull it together before you step out!!! GKR To Be Continued…


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  1. Invisible Hair Weave is a long lasting method of attaching commercial hair to the natural hair. Application generally takes about an hour. It will last about 8 weeks.

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