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GKRHow Do You Define Success? Is it a certain amount of money, status, fame, title, the house you live in, the car that you drive, the clothing, a specific amount of money, a designer handbag/pair of shoes, your degree etc.? Although I enjoy all of those things I’m reminded in scripture to set my affections on things above and not on the earth – things that the “moths can eat or will rust or thieves break through or steal!”

Success to many is measured by the material possessions that they have. Each time we set a goal and follow through…that’s success! If you commit to cleaning anything (a house, a room, an office, a closet) and complete it…that’s success! If you’ve decided to write a book, or read a book and complete it…that’s success!

It is not written that we all will become famous, wealthy, build a mansion or drive an expensive car, but if we have joy from within that will make the journey to your success worth it! On a lighter note, an expensive car, house etc. that one can’t afford is just another burden that will keep one from achieving their success! GKR (Genesis Keeping It Real)!!

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  1. Regardless of your career path or the industry you choose, success is something we all strive to achieve. How do you define success? Or more importantly, what are you doing to be sure you attain success?

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