The Tongue An Unruly Evil

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GKROkay, I have held my tongue long enough!

To all of my people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. in reference to Frenchy’s Chicken in Beaumont (Houston, The Woodlands, Dallas) or any other business – It is my prayer that whomever are owners and operators will have good success and profitable business in it’s infancy (the first year)!

As an entrepreneur/business woman, business owner, real estate owner, it can be very challenging when we step out and try to bring goods and services to our community! Without the support of our community there will be no business! We can make or break out businesses with our negative comments.

Can we stop the vision or the plan of God? No, but we sure can give the enemy ammunition to cause a slow death. Without realizing we speak death on many things and often wonder why we are having what I call a “wilderness experience” kind of life! We wonder around through life in the same place we were 10, 20, 30 (have I gotten to your year) years and find ourselves (as people) in the same place; still talking negative and still don’t have enough money to drive twenty miles up the road without being broke!

Instead of speaking negatively, as the late book writer Sebastion K Young would say: Speak Life!! – GKR (Genesis Keeping It Real) 100

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  1. It is very true that the tongue can destroy a body. We must strive to ensure that what we speak edifies the hearer and shows God’s glory in us. As such, the speaker will be blessed as a beacon of light.

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