Genesis Beauty Salon Inc.

Genesis Beauty Salon

“Where Beauty Begins”

“In the Holy Bible, “Genesis”, is the beginning. It is the beginning of a seed that was planted and in God’s time that which was planted will come forth. In the book of Genesis, there is a story of an elderly husband and wife, Abraham and Sarah. God promised Abraham and Sarah a child even though they were of old age. Despite their detour, God still fulfilled His promise and a child was born unto them.  A seed has been planted and the birth of greatness will come forth—

Genesis Beauty Salon of Beaumont, Texas was born in July 1997. It’s original location was located at 1265 Harriot Street and started with four stations. After twelve years, God enlarged our territory, we needed and wanted to expand. In August of 2009, we moved to our present location at 3150/3152 Fannin Street in Beaumont, Texas”.

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