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How Do You Define Success? Is it a certain amount of money, status, fame, title, the house you live in, the car that you drive, the clothing, a specific amount of money, a designer handbag/pair of shoes, your degree etc.? Although I enjoy all of those things I’m reminded in scripture to set my affections […]

The Tongue An Unruly Evil

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Okay, I have held my tongue long enough! To all of my people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. in reference to Frenchy’s Chicken in Beaumont (Houston, The Woodlands, Dallas) or any other business – It is my prayer that whomever are owners and operators will have good success and profitable business in it’s infancy (the […]

Hair Weaving

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Hmm…1983!!! Wow!!! It’s been over 30 years and my, my, my…haven’t we changed! When I started in the Business World of Hair, if I wanted to “weave” hair (in today’s lingo – A “sew in”), it was a process indeed! Hair was not as accessible as it is today. We would have to order the […]